2. Show this friday at belmont in good ol’ norfolk


  3. yvynyl:

    You’re Jovian - Whalehead

    Love the built-to-be-broken work that Virginia Beach’s Elliott Malvas sends me. A new full release in the works for a release soon.

    Just released a new trk a few weeks ago. Stoked about the YVYNYL post!


  4. Reposting this; hopefully have some more yvynyl action soon


    You’re Jovian - Sentimental Doubt

    Elliott Malvas plays with a favorite new band of mine, Suburban Living. However, as musicians do, he’s got a side project of his own. This, a Sonic Youth-infused romper of a lead track from his new LP. You’re going to want to wait for the 3-minute mark when the feedback washes back on itself.

    Pick up the Stereochronic LP over on his Bndcmp.

  5. Going on around 9pm. Come hang


  6. New tune ‘Whalehead’ is now available for free over on the bandcamp


    And here is a nice write up about it


  8. F/NF Records has our ‘latest’ release. It’s basically the entire next slated full length.. but the demo’s. So if you’re into it, go over to their web store and purchase one for $4 bucks and support a good label trying to help me out. more news to come but for now, enjoy the munchie “DEMO’S” tape



  10. Playing a few good shows//festivals soon! One of them being MACRoCK! Check out the butterfly flyer for deets